ALERT: Adam Schiff in PANIC after being CAUGHT!

Rep. Adam Schiff struggled to respond to Margaret Brennan’s straightforward question on this weekend’s “Face the Nation.” The investigation concerned the recent FBI probe into former President Trump’s Mar-a-Logo golf club.

This is a question that everyone should ask, and those in positions of authority should have a coherent response prepared.

Brennan questioned why the operation was delayed for 18 months if it was ordered for “national security” reasons. Furthermore, why did they conduct the raid three days after receiving the warrant? What specific threat arose?

The response, or lack thereof, from Schiff was evasive.

“Uh, I’m not sure,” he confessed. The Department of Justice, too, has no satisfactory answer to this question.

Schiff then tried something new. “It’s a serious problem if, uh, the Trump people claimed to have provided all classified or national security information but didn’t.” And I can tell you that anyone in the intelligence community who had, uh, top secret SCI documents in their home after authorities went to them would face serious consequences.”

Nobody disputes that Trump’s team provided authorities with access to all documents. Furthermore, it was clear that the government was aware that they still had documents at home. Remember, the house was inspected by officials in June. As a result, Schiff’s reasoning is incomplete.

the same issue could be the next issue addressed.

To prevent the government from viewing her emails, Hillary Clinton used a completely private server. She also deleted 30,000 emails and a large number of sensitive documents from her computer. All of Clinton’s team’s blackberries were destroyed. At that level, Trump took no action, preferring to work with officials rather than causing chaos.

Clinton has gotten a pass, whereas Trump is being investigated.

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