BREAKING: House Speaker McCarthy says the House will look into Biden’s secret documents.

House Speaker McCarthy recently stated that an investigation into how Vice President Biden handled classified materials would be conducted.

McCarthy is concerned with ensuring that the law is “applied consistently” in all circumstances.

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican House Speaker from California, said on Tuesday that the Republican Party would investigate how President Biden handled sensitive information to ensure that the law was “applied fairly.”

Republicans have been quick to criticize Biden since the White House revealed that at least three sets of secret papers from his time as vice president were discovered at his old office and in his Delaware home.

“Prior to the election, they discovered that President Biden had these records in his possession without a lock… They didn’t make the information public until after the election. McCarthy told reporters on Tuesday that the FBI never conducted a search warrant at the man’s home.

“They only appointed a special prosecutor after other people expressed concern about the situation… It just doesn’t seem fair. When citizens in the United States see that the law is not being applied equally to all, it is easy for them to become enraged and distrustful of their own government.

“I am concerned if any confidential papers are located somewhere else… However, there is one issue that I would mention here as well, and that is that a president who has just left office is not the [one] who is packing up their boxes and who is not relocating them, so how much does he even know about that process?” he added.

McCarthy stated that “when you balance this out, it is not a fair process,” and that this is exactly what the system is lacking. You want the general public in the United States to believe in the outcome. As a result, the House of Representatives will monitor and participate in these investigations.

McCarthy is making a wise decision by doing so. Despite the fact that the case has been assigned to a special prosecutor, I have my doubts that anything significant will ever be investigated, despite the fact that this is precisely what is required.

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