President Putin Set To Send Female Prisoners To War

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised unlimited funding for the Russian military in a speech during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the White House.

Putin promised to make sure Russia’s nuclear forces are combat-ready, adding that Russia’s Satan II hypersonic missile will be operational in the near future.

His speech was delivered at a year-end meeting of Russia’s top defense ministers and coincided with Zelensky’s first visit outside Ukraine since Russia invaded Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine arrives in Washington, D.C., meets with President Joe Biden at the White House, and visits Congress to deliver a joint address.

Zelensky said the visit was aimed at boosting Ukraine’s “resilience and defense capabilities” amid ongoing Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy and water supplies. Biden, meanwhile, is set to announce a nearly $2 billion military aid package for Ukraine, including the Patriot Missile Battery to help defend against a Russian missile barrage.

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